synthetic turf for childcare centres, Playgrounds & Ovals

We know it is difficult to maintain a vibrant and lush green playground year-round and that’s why we are here with the most practical solution – a synthetic grass playground. GroundAbility helps you build and maintain a vibrant synthetic turf for sports and play as a cost effective alternative to natural grass.

Our professionals understand the unique requirements for artificial grass installation in various types of playgrounds and sports ovals. We provide the superior-quality, safe and durable turf that elevates the aesthetics of the grounds. Our artificial grass for playgrounds are made with precision and exhibit a realistic lush green beauty. Contact our team today and get ready for a low-maintenance and visually appealing playground!

Artificial Grass For School Playground

Why Choose Synthetic Grass for Playgrounds?

Give your playground, play areas, or dedicated sports oval an appealing aesthetic while enhancing its durability and safety with synthetic grass installation. Add to the functionality and stability of your sports or playground with the installation of synthetic grass and enjoy the following benefits:

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Synthetic turf is the ideal solution for your school, sports club, or playground because it requires very little maintenance. No matter the size of the playground, it needs minimal upkeep, with no need for watering, weeding, and mowing. Simply enjoy the realistic lush greenery year-round.


Our installation of an artificial playground turf is high quality, sturdy, and durable, which means it will last for years, withstanding heavy traffic and rigorous play in your play areas. The smooth surface of our high-quality artificial grass doesn’t wear easily and gives a cushioning effect on the feet and hands, ensuring the safety of children and players.


We make synthetic grass for playgrounds and sports ovals using the finest quality materials. Our premium artificial grass contains no harsh chemical substances or toxins. Our eco-friendly fake grass for playgrounds inhibits the growth of allergens and promotes a healthy environment for play areas, sports, and outdoor activities.

Water Conservation

Installation of sports turf or fake grass for playgrounds helps you contribute to future sustainability through water conservation. There’s no need to water the ground to maintain a lively green playground throughout the year.

Why Choose GroundAbility for Your Playground or Sports Oval?

At GroundAbility, we supply and install convenient and low-maintenance synthetic turf for schools, sports ovals, and playgrounds. We create dynamic synthetic grass playgrounds tailored to your needs while ensuring their durability, functionality, and safety.

GroundAbility specializes in synthetic turf for childcare centres, ensuring a safe, clean, and fun environment for young children to play.

Our synthetic turf in a child care centre provides a soft, cushioned surface that minimizes injuries and offers an allergen-free playground. If you are planning to create an artificial turf playground at your property, look no further than our services!

Widespread turf solutions:

From synthetic turf for child care centres, schools and playgrounds to and recreation facilities, we cater to all types of needs with our artificial grass installation services.


We supply and install high quality, durable, and eco friendly synthetic grass playgrounds that are water friendly, long-lasting and need minimal maintenance.

Enhanced safety:

We focus on creating safe and healthy play areas for kids and adults. Our premium-quality artificial grass is designed to provide a cushioning effect and impact absorption, reducing the risks of cuts or injuries.

Full customisation:

Our inherent expertise in crafting unique and customised artificial turf playgrounds has made us a leading name in the industry. Whether you need a plain ground or a logo on your playground, we have got you covered.

Water-friendly turf:

We build and design our artificial grass for playgrounds and sports grounds with special drainage holes that ensure there’s no water logging anywhere on the surface. Your playground is always ready to provide safe, exciting, and fun adventures to kids and sports enthusiasts.

Upgrade Your Playgrounds With Our Versatile Synthetic Turf!

At GroundAbility, we are proud to offer a variety of quality synthetic playground turf along with professional installation and maintenance services across Brisbane. From schools and childcare centres to sports ovals, playgrounds, and recreation areas, we install artificial grass anywhere flawlessly, ensuring a sustainable and safe play environment.

Whether it’s for a school, sports club, or childcare centre, our Brisbane astro turf installations are designed to withstand heavy use while maintaining their lush appearance. Enhance your play areas with our top-quality synthetic grass that combines functionality with aesthetics. Ready to create a synthetic grass playground in your facility?

Playground Artificial Grass