Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about artificial lawn and GroundAbility products? Then read our FAQ and learn more about our services.
GroundAbility exclusively sources our of grass products from SYNLawn. The SYNlawn product range is manufactured by APT in Melbourne. APT are the only fully integrated manufacture of Australian Made synthetic sport and recreational surfaces in Australia.The SYNLawn range is designed based on almost five decades of experience and customer feedback, ensuring that our customers have the best product.
Yes. Our range of synthetic grass is completely safe for children and pets. None of our grass options contain allergens or lead.
Yes. Our product lines have specially designed drainage holes to ensure water drains as efficiently as natural grass. If drainage isn’t an issue now, it certainly won’t become one when your synthetic grass is installed.
In most cases, a common leaf blower will do the trick.
Yes. While an artificial lawn will require much less maintenance than your traditional lawn, it does still need some basic care. To keep the grass looking at its best, leaves and debris should be removed on a fairly regular basis. Your lawn will benefit from occasional brushing with a stiff brush More extreme soiling may need a quick hose wash.
No. All of our artificial grasses are completely UV stable, so they do not fade. UV stabilisation is crucial to ensure that the artificial grass maintains its appearance, strength, and overall performance over an extended period of exposure to sunlight. UV stabilisers are additives incorporated into the material, helping to protect the grass from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. This process contributes to the longevity and durability of synthetic turf, making it more suitable for outdoor applications in various climates.
Yes, but only if you buy quality. The Australian synthetic grass market has plenty of cheaper lines imported from China that are cheap and tend to look fake. Our range of grasses are the highest quality Australian made using industry leading components not found in cheaper alternatives.