Eco-Friendly Commercial Artificial Grass

Improve the appearance of your outdoor areas with premium-quality commercial artificial grass. GroundAbility is a Brisbane based business leader in the artificial turf industry. We have been operating since 2006 so we have extensive experience in the field. We aim to provide commercial turf installation that enhances the aesthetics as well as the functionality of your outdoor areas, including dog parks, versatile courts, gyms, and common areas.

GroundAbility provides high-quality and vibrant commercial synthetic turf that transforms your outdoor into a lush and inviting place. Having vast expertise in commercial turf installation, we ensure precision in every commercial project making an everlasting impression for your customers.

Commercial Artificial Grass

Commercial synthetic grass offers versatile solutions for various applications, providing an aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance alternative to natural lawns.

Brisbane turf and synthetic lawn installations are increasingly popular in urban environments, including corporate spaces, public parks, and recreational areas. The benefits of artificial lawn include its durability and consistent appearance, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.

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Our Installation Process for Long-Lasting Results

The installation process for artificial turf is straightforward yet meticulous, ensuring longevity and optimal performance. Initially, the ground is prepared by removing existing vegetation and leveling the surface. A base layer, often composed of crushed rock, is then compacted to create a stable foundation. The artificial turf is carefully rolled out, cut to fit the designated area, and secured with adhesive or nails. Seams are joined seamlessly to create a uniform appearance. Finally, an infill material is applied to help the fake grass blades stand upright and to provide cushioning.

Practical Benefits of Commercial Artificial Turf

Choosing fake turf for commercial surfaces not only enhances visual appeal but also offers a practical solution for businesses seeking cost-effective and sustainable landscaping options. The repeated use of artificial turf underscores its reliability and efficiency in transforming various commercial spaces.

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Why Install Commercial Artificial Grass in Your Property?

If you own a business property, choose commercial artificial turf to enjoy the following benefits.

Low Maintenance

Commercial turf installation is a one-time investment for your business premises that will make the property look beautiful year-round.


Installation of commercial artificial grass in your space will makes it more accessible to visitors or customers including those with mobility challenges while extending the durability of the floors. Our premium quality commercial artificial grass is hard wearing and durable, made to withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions.

Environmental friendly

Revamping your outdoor space with commercial synthetic turf helps you save water. Apart from conserving water, artificial grass needs no pesticides or fertilisers, which make the surface environment friendly to humans, animals, and nearby water bodies.

Allergy Friendly

Our commercial artificial grass is made from premium quality, safe synthetic materials that contain no chemicals or allergens ensuring the surface is safe for people and animals.

Pet Friendly

Our premium quality synthetic grass that has no toxins or allergens and is absolutely safe for pets.

Why Choose GroundAbility For Commercial Turf Installation?

When considering commercial artificial grass installation in the outdoor space of your business property, choose the professional services of GroundAbility:

Tailored installation:

We provide customised commercial synthetic turf installations for a wide variety of business properties including shops, corporate offices, hotels, gyms, pet care, and healthcare facilities.

Comprehensive services:

From supplying the finest-quality synthetic grass to installing and maintaining it in the long run, we offer the full range of services.

Cost-effective solution:

Our commercial turf installations are completed by a team of professionals. We offer experience and expertise at very competitive prices. Save money by choosing GroundAbility for your commercial project.

Install Commercial Artificial Grass To Elevate Your Outdoors!

From saving water to improving the value of your commercial property – synthetic grass installations offer many benefits. Our commercial artificial grass installation at your business premises also provides an added advantage by creating a positive impression on your customers.

To transform the outdoor vibe of your commercial property while extending its functionality, get in touch with the experts of GroundAbility today to discuss your requirements.

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