Eco-friendly Fake Grass Backyard

Discover the magic of an eco-friendly artificial grass backyard. Create a backyard sanctuary with our eco-friendly artificial turf and have unlimited fun. Prepare to impress your coworkers, friends, and neighbours with an extraordinary look.

We take a step towards sustainability by providing the best fake grass backyard. So, pave the way for a greener future and raise the value of outdoor areas with our premium residential synthetic turf, bidding farewell to the hassles of natural grass.

Fake Grass for Backyard

Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Transforming your backyard into a lush, green retreat is effortlessly achievable with synthetic grass. This modern landscaping solution provides a vibrant, evergreen appearance without the maintenance demands of natural grass.

Whether you’re hosting a garden party or enjoying a quiet evening outside, synthetic grass in backyard creates a welcoming and comfortable space. High quality artificial grass mimics the look and feel of real grass, offering a soft and durable surface that withstands heavy foot traffic.

With backyard synthetic turf, you can enjoy a pristine lawn year-round, regardless of weather conditions, enhancing your outdoor living experience.

Ideal for Small Backyards

For homeowners with limited outdoor space, artificial grass in Brisbane offers a perfect solution. Synthetic lawn maximizes every inch of small backyards, providing a versatile and functional area for various activities. Unlike natural grass, fake lawn installations require no mowing, watering, or fertilizing, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Artificial turfs are particularly advantageous in urban settings where water conservation is essential.

By choosing high-quality artificial grass, you ensure a long-lasting, visually appealing lawn that remains green and lush with minimal upkeep. Backyard synthetic turf not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also adds value to your property, making it an ideal choice for small backyard transformations.

Fake Grass for Backyard

Advantages Of Installing Synthetic Turf in Backyards

Are you considering artificial turf for your backyard? Artificial turf offers a suitable alternative to natural grass, saving resources and time.

The eco-friendly turf is sturdy, enduring diverse weather and daily backyard activities.

Soft Grass Fibres

Our premium artificial turf contains soft grass fibres to protect pets and children. It is lead-free and devoid of heavy metals.

Backyard Activities

Durable and eco-friendly artificial grass in the backyard creates space for various activities, including sports, games, relaxing, and more.

Maintained Look

Don’t worry about patchy, uneven grass. Our eco-friendly turf maintains a vibrant green look year-round.

Allergy Friendly

Artificial grass for the backyard is a healthy option to natural grass as it contains no allergens and pollens, providing a safe environment for adults, kids, and pets.

Weather Resistant

Rain, snow, intense sunlight or dry weather- superior artificial turf application endure any weather, ensuring that your yard always looks magnificent and calming.

Why Choose GroundAbility’s Synthetic grass For Backyards?

As experienced turf installers, we take pride in offering high-quality artificial and environmentally friendly grass solutions designed for your specific requirements. We provide our clients with incomparable value, ensuring everybody makes the most of their backyard. GroundAbility is your go-to synthetic grass choice for every project and budget.

Full Customisation

Our experienced team will design a backyard area to your specifications.


Relax and enjoy your backyard, knowing that GroundAbility offers maintenance services to keep your fake turf immaculate.

Turf For Any Outdoor Area

Whether your area is flat or terraced, large or small, GroundAbility can turn your vision for your outdoor area into reality.

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Backyard?

Our synthetic grass for the backyard is both visually appealing and durable. We ensure your outdoor area remains vibrant and lush year after year.

Fake Grass Backyard